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Stockulator is a calculator designed for helping you estimate and calculate your possible gain vs. loss when a stock price rises or falls. It simulates your entire calculations of number of shares, amounts etc.. and helps you project how much money you are going to make before buying or selling any shares.

The calculations are all approximated/rounded to the nearest number.


Due to the size of the iPhone, moving the sliders to the right or the left could be challenging to get the exact figure you want, for this reason, there has been inserted the +/- stepper at the bottom of the app to help you step accurately to the exact number you want.

The stepper (+/-) will work only for the selected/highlighted gray slider at the time. For instance, if you want to go to a certain number of the Quantity slider, while moving it, the slider's background will turn into gray, that gray slider is the one which when you tap on the stepper will work your numbers up and down accordingly. Same goes with all other sliders.


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